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Whille slots are a game of chance, there are ways to increase your odds of winning. This article will give you tips on how to win at slots in Las Vegas.

Over the years, Las Vegas casinos have become the most famous gambling destinations in the entire world for both professional and recreational players. Whilst online gambling sites in the USA have boomed with states opening the market, Las Vegas still holds the top position for in-person casino gambling!

One of the most popular games in Las Vegas casinos is slots because of their simplicity and high potential payouts. Although slots are primarily a game of chance, there are still strategies you can follow to increase your odds of winning. This article will give you tips on how to win at slots in Las Vegas.

Pick Slots With High RTP

Return-to-player or RTP is the percentage of how much of a player’s bet is returned to them on average. Each machine has different RTP figures set by the game developer or by the casino management.

For example, a slots game with 90% RTP means that for every $100 wager, it returns $90 on average to the player. However, the game has no regard for how much the player wagered or how many times they played it, as it just follows a mathematical model. It targets the RTP on a much larger scale and longer-term, which means the more spins they play, the more the players’ gains become accurate to the RTP. In short, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the $90 return for every $100 wager ratio unless you keep on playing.

Choosing a high RTP slot game will make a difference with your odds of ending up a winner over playing with one that has a low RTP. The RTP, the higher the potential returns, and naturally, the fewer the loss.

In addition, aside from RTP, you also have to consider the volatility of the slot game. Volatility, also known as variance, determines how frequently the slot usually pays out. The lower the game’s volatility, the more frequent you’re likely to win.

With high volatility slot games, expect less frequent but higher payouts. This contrasts with low volatility slots with more regular but smaller payouts. Choosing which one you prefer depends on what’s important to you. High volatility slots are for you if you have a huge bankroll and are after the excitement of big jackpots. But, if you enjoy winning more often regardless of the amount and want to get entertained in the casino longer, find low volatility slot games.

Now, in relation to RTP, low volatility games are much more effective in ensuring that your results are more accurate to the RTP. In conclusion, if you want better odds at winning slots with fewer risks and losses, choose a game that has a higher RTP and low volatility.

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Nevada has the most specific laws and regulations in the US regarding the legality of gambling, of course, considering that Las Vegas is the country’s gambling capital. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission enforce and monitor these laws. Their website contains the information you need about gambling in Las Vegas, including a copy of every regulation and monthly payout statistics.

Regulation no. 14, section 14.040, explains all the “minimum standards for gaming devices,” Under subsection 1, it states that the legal payout return of these devices, including slots, is 75%. This alone should guarantee that all slot games in Las Vegas casinos should have a minimum RTP of 75%, and anything below that is considered illegal.

Fortunately, Nevada Gaming Commission also releases payout return statistics through their monthly gaming revenue report, accessed on their Statistics and Publications page. The data from all these monthly reports should help players find patterns on which slot denominations give the highest returns during that particular month. This, in turn, should give them ideas on which slot machines currently have the highest odds.

The gaming revenue information is organized by state region, plus the duration divided between a current month, 3-month, and 12-month format. For the slot machine section, denominations are enumerated thusly:

1 cent

5 cent

25 cent

1 dollar

5 dollars

100 dollars

Multi Denomination


To calculate the player return rate, focus on the column that says “Win Percent,” which equates to the casinos’ win percentage, and subtract the value from 100%. Note that numbers in parenthesis correspond to negative values.

For example, let’s look at the November 2021 gaming revenue report of all the non-restricted locations in the Downtown Las Vegas area. We can see that the current month’s lowest win rate from a slot machine was from the 100 dollars denomination with 4.05%. Now subtracting it from 100%, we get a 95.95% return to player rate. With this, we can assume that this particular game or variant gave the highest player returns in the region for November. From there, you can continue to look for some trends and patterns in the other denominations.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it only shows that taking your time researching and understanding these statistics, plus other information, can guide you in choosing the best Las Vegas slots to play.

Listen to Podcasters with Authority

Another source of reliable information about slot games and winning strategies is gambling podcasts, which are now accessible online. There are tons of gambling podcasters out there providing updates and covering Las Vegas slots for several years. They share timely tips and guides that can help you choose the best games. Here are some of the most reputable Las Vegas podcasters:

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet On That

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet On That is hosted by Mike DeVol and Dr. Mike, and they talk about their experiences as long-time gamblers who often visit Vegas. They share some stories and tips about the different casino games in a fun and entertaining way. Their episodes are available on multiple podcast hosting sites like Spotify, Apple Podcast, PodBean, and their official website.

Five Hundy By Midnight

Five Hundy By Midnight claims to be “The Original Las Vegas Podcast” as they’re the longest-running podcast and the first one which content is purely about Las Vegas. Hosted by the husband-and-wife tandem Tim and Michele, they share their experiences with casinos, hotels, and other Vegas-related stuff. You can listen to all of their episodes on their website or find them on Apple Podcast, TuneIn, or PodChaser.

Vital Vegas

If you’re looking for insider scoops, Vital Vegas is the right podcast for you. Scott Roeben, an award-winning blogger, has been in Las Vegas for more than 20 years, so you can expect that he knows every in and out of every casino, restaurant, and entertainment show. All Vital Vegas episodes are in Libsyn, Apple Podcast,, and other hosting sites.

Gambling With An Edge

Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin give you professional gambling advice that can “make you a better gambler tomorrow than you were yesterday” on Gambling With An Edge. They talk about their experiences, plus interview other professional gamblers, experts, and authors, to discuss relevant news and updates in the industry. Gambling With An Edge is available on the Las Vegas Advisor’s website, Apple Podcast, Blue Wire Podcasts, and more platforms.

360 Vegas

Multimedia professional Mark Wojtowicz hosts 360 Vegas. It is one of the most popular shows covering everything about Las Vegas. It features several segments that talk about different topics of expertise on gambling and their experiences in the city. They have one called “Slots,” where they invite experts and manufacturers to cover the newest slot games and share how they are played. Listen to their episodes on their website and Apple Podcast.


A slot machine throwing three 7s

If you are planning to be a regular patron of casinos in Las Vegas, here are some tips we highly recommend to make the most of your experience:

Take Advantage of Loyalty Club Cards

All Las Vegas casinos have loyalty club programs and issue players cards. Even you’re just planning to play for the day or week, consider getting a loyalty card and playing the games using it. Casinos can track how much you have already wagered in total and how frequently you play through the card. With this, you can accumulate points and be entitled to the best hotel deals as well as other casino bonuses. Casinos value their loyal customers and, now and then, give them access to exclusive promotions and prizes.

When you visit a casino, go directly to the loyalty club program desk and sign up. They will require you to fill out a form and present a government-issued identification card. They will then process your application and issue you your card on the spot.

Look for Small Local Jackpot Slots

When choosing between Las Vegas slots, opt for the games that have fixed jackpots. Slots that offer progressive jackpots have high volatility most of the time, which means although they offer big prizes, you have a slimmer chance of winning anything. Meanwhile, fixed jackpot slots give you better odds of winning high payouts, and the best ones are those with low volatility.

Play Within Las Vegas Casinos

In Las Vegas, airports, 7/11s, even laundromats now have slot machines in them. Although they’re tempting to use, it is highly recommended that you refrain from playing them and stick with casino slots. Firstly, the Nevada Gaming Commission does not regulate non-casino venues like these airport slots. Second, most of these machines have meager return-to-player rates, which means you can’t expect to make a lot of money. However, if you just want to get entertained while waiting for your flight to board, then maybe it can be an excellent way to pass the time.

Using and Avoiding Specific Numbers

Famous examples of this numeral superstition are the beliefs that the numbers 6 and 13 are unlucky, while 7 and 3 are lucky numbers. Because of this, casino players avoid 6 and 13 during the games, while they heavily use the number 7. Casinos are aware of these, so they often don’t display the two “unlucky” numbers and use seven on several slot games.

Keep in mind that this particular belief is cultural, which means that number 13 may be considered lucky in some cultures. So it’s all up to you, but we recommend not fixating on this too much as you can be missing out on your one chance of winning a jackpot.

Playing Las Vegas Slots at Night

There are several superstitions the luckiest time to play at Las Vegas casinos is at night. This one can be more logical since there are certain times and days when it is best to play. It depends on what time the casinos pay more and are more crowded. However, ขนาด slot air games are not affected by this logic since they generate random results, and your odds of winning from them do not change, no matter the time of day.

Playing Games at the Back

For some players, the location of the slot machine is important, and they believe that the closer it is to the entrance, the higher the winning odds. This is another superstition that has some logic behind it. Casinos place the games with looser payouts upfront to attract customers and create a thrilling atmosphere. However, although this is an effective way to play slots that offer high and consistent payouts, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring the casino and finding better games.

Slots are one of the best and most exciting ways to enjoy your time in Las Vegas casinos, especially if you’re just new to the game. With our tips on how to win at slots in Las Vegas, you give yourself the best chance of walking away as a winner.

A host of new high-tech gadgets for animals

Having dinner at my boyfriend’s house, I get a notification on my phone saying that Coco’s food has just been released for her.

I open the smart food dispenser app on my phone and watch my delighted cat tucking into her dinner.I press the microphone so she can hear me, and start cooing to her.

Coco meows happily, and after we’ve both finished our separate meals, I open another app so I can play a laser game with her. She runs around my flat chasing a red dot that I’m controlling with my finger — all from six miles away — while I watch on my phone screen.

It’s no longer enough to wave a ball on a stick at your unimpressed cat, or empty a can of food into a bowl.Instead, the rise of tech means pets can have their own robot friends and electronic feeders with inbuilt calorie counters. There are even apps designed to translate miaows and woofs.

Radhika Sanghani and her cat Coco (pictured) give verdict on some of the best gadgets for pets, after research found 2.1 million people across the UK collected a new pet in lockdown

Thanks to this, as pet owners like myself start to return to normal lives — the office, nights out, weekends away — after endless months spent lavishing love and attention on lockdown puppies and kittens, our furry friends won’t be left alone.

A highlight of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show was a ‘smart’ cat and dog flap that allows owners to talk to their pets via smartphone.Retailing at more than £2,200, the MyQ Pet Portal will be available to buy later this year.

The pet tech market is estimated to exceed £14 billion by 2025. ‘There’s been an explosion in smart tech for pets in the past year because of Covid,’ says Ben Lee, entrepreneur and digital product expert.‘Pets are incredible companions, and they’ve become a solution to loneliness.’

In the UK, 2.1 million people got a new pet in lockdown, with 1.8 million more considering getting one, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association.

Owners are also spending more and more on their feline and canine friends. UK pet purchases reached a record high of £6.9 billion in 2019, and experts believe spending will only continue to rise.

‘As a society, we track our own data and we want to do it for our pets, american binary options blogspot too, from nutrition to sleep,’ says Lee.

The benefits still seem focused on the owner — GPS collars and smart cat flaps are more about reassuring owners than improving the pet’s life — but Lee believes tech will soon be used to predict health conditions.

In the meantime, there are plenty of apps and gadgets that do everything from babysitting to keeping pets warm — all from afar.Coco and I tried some of the best…


Petcube Play 2, £130,

Radhika said Petcube Play 2 (pictured) gives her peace of mind while away from coco and is worth every penny 

When I stay at my boyfriend’s, I often worry about Coco.So I was thrilled to hear about Petcube Play 2, a webcam that means I can see and speak to her from my phone, and play laser games with her.

The Smart HD camera has a 160-degree view and an option to record videos via the app.When I move the laser on my phone screen, it somehow translates to a real-life red dot on my living-room floor.

Coco loves it, and I get peace of mind from checking on her while I’m away. It’s truly worth every penny. 10/10


Ebo Pro, £259,

Radhika said Ebo Pro (pictured) isn’t cheap, but is perfect for indoor cats that need entertainment 

Ebo bills itself as a ‘smart robot companion for your cat’, designed to prevent loneliness and boredom.The small round ball wanders around my home, calling out ‘Ebo’, and Coco stares at it in fascination.

There are numerous functions, from a laser game to a webcam and audio feed that work similarly to the Petcube. The AI tech means it adapts its play to my cat’s personality.My poor tech skills mean that I find it hard to figure out all the functions, but I love the self-timer — Ebo wakes up twice a day to play with Coco, and then returns itself to the charger.

Ebo isn’t cheap, but it’s perfect for indoor cats that need entertainment, and can be used to train them and track their exercise.

At first, Coco is suspicious of her robot friend and prods at it with her paw, but when it speaks and turns its laser light on, she perks up and is happy to chase the red dot around the house.9/10


PetKit Cosy Pet Bed, £135,

Radhika said PetKit Cosy Pet Bed (pictured) is best for pets who struggle with the heat or cold

I’m quite impressed by everything this smart pet bed offers.

Using humidity sensors, it adjusts the temperature of the bed, heating up in the winter and using air conditioning to keep pets cool in the summer. A hidden infrared sensor monitors when your pet is in the bed, so you can get app updates about your pet’s sleep patterns.

The only problem is persuading Coco to use it.

It’s only when I layer blankets inside that she enters (the padding it comes with is quite thin), but she isn’t too impressed. This is best for pets who struggle with the heat or cold.7/10


Pawtrack GPS cat collar, £39.99 with a monthly £7.99 subscription fee,

Radhika said Pawtrack GPS cat collar (pictured) is fiddly to set up, but showed exactly where Coco went 

My flat is on a main road and I live in fear of Coco straying too far from home, so I was excited to try the Pawtrack collar.

It uses GPS so owners can see their pet’s location and recent paths on an app, and can alert you to when your cat goes beyond your boundary.There’s even a tracking beacon to help you find a cat that’s hiding in foliage.

It was fiddly to set up and has to be recharged nightly, but showed exactly where Coco went. 6/10


MeowTalk, free, App Store or Google Play

Radhika said MeowTalk (pictured) could be useful for loud cats, despite being initially not convinced that it would work 

This free app promises to ‘translate your cat’s miaows’, using machine learning tech.I’m not convinced it will work. But when I test it out on Coco, I’m impressed.

When she’s purring, the app translates it to ‘I’m relaxing’, and when she’s outside my bedroom door, miaowing to be let in, the app tells me: ‘I want to be loved!’ I give her cuddles, and the app logs the fact that it was right.The only problem for me is that Coco rarely miaows, but for binary options market news loud cats, this app could be useful.7/10


Skymee Smart Automatic Food Dispenser, £139,

Radhika said Skymee Smart Automatic Food Dispenser (pictured) is great for any anxious pet owner but the accompanying app isn’t as easy to use as it could be 

The thing I’m most excited about with this food dispenser is being able to set automatically timed feeds for Coco so that I can leave the house without worrying about her meals.But it turns out that the feeder does so much more than release food on cue. It has a built-in HD camera so that I can watch Coco eat, as well as a two-way microphone so I can talk to her while she dines.

It’s not exactly necessary, but it’s definitely fun, and would be a great addition for any anxious pet owner.

The feeder is for both cats and dogs (though it only does dry food) and helps schedule healthy feeding plans for pets according to their breed and size.But it has an inbuilt setting to ‘woof’ loudly every time it releases food, which naturally terrifies Coco. It’s possible to turn it off, but it’s a fiddly process I’ve yet to manage because the accompanying app isn’t as easy to use as it could be. 8/10


RelaxoPet Pro, £69,

Radhika said RelaxoPet Pro (pictured) is useful for overwhelming and stressful situations such as thunderstorms or fireworks

This mini USB-chargeable speaker has been developed to help stressed cats relax by using high-frequency sound waves.It also has a noise-motion system to monitor stress levels.

It’s especially useful for overwhelming and stressful situations such as thunderstorms or fireworks. I use it for Coco when my boyfriend visits (her equivalent of thunderstorms) and she’s transfixed.After a few moments, she falls asleep.

It doesn’t work as well when she’s scared by a neighbourhood cat, but she definitely seems to enjoy the sounds. 8/10