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Heaven Network is an innovative ICO, IDO, NFT Marketplace and Decentraliced Exchange hybrid project based on the Binance Smart Chain. With our decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast. Heaven Network is a real Community Platform, with Automatic Reward Technology, and with other features like Automatic Liquidity Pool Generation.

Heaven Network focus on the digitization of businesses, staking, and wealth creation and asset digitization in a Leading Decentralized Ecosystem. With the start of the Decentralized Exchange and with the first successful ICO launchpad finally coming to an end, we wanted to highlight the quickest way for the community to acquire further HEA tokens and for current HEA holders to earn from their tokens by providing liquidity. HEA Token will take the crypto world by storm and is unlike any other coin out there currently. Provide Liquidity and Buy on the Heaven Network Decentralized Exchange and Swap HEA On PancakeSwap with BNB and CAKE and on with USDT To Earn LP tokens and Trading Fees. The more liquidity you add the more LP tokens and trading fees you will earn. Generate passive daily income with your business, assets and liabilities.

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